***Old Business

Highway K: We’re still waiting on approval from Oneida Co. There is some confusion by Oneida Co on what’s needed to open it up. Crusier’s Trail: The ORV wants more info, which we provided, we will know more on August 28th, when they make a decision for funding. We will be at the meeting. Thanks to Bruce Mezei for all of his great work on this

 *** Open Discussion

​Open Discussion: ​Cty A: New signs on Cty A From Hwy 8 into Tomahawk, Stay on Pavement! Trailer: We finally purchased a trailer to store our equipment in for $2000. It will be kept at the Northwoods Riders Garage on Cty L

***Northern Highlands State Forest Trail:

​Northern Highlands State Forest Trails: There’s a lot going on up there. The Town of Lake Tomahawk still needs to come on board but it looks promising. When it happens you’ll be able to ride from Lake Tom to Sayner and Woodruff. The actual trail is the snowmobile trail between Lake Tom and Sayner. 


***New Business:

Essex Rd trail: We will be working with Dave Bethel, Somo ATV Club, and the Dot to establish a trail on the right of way between The Kracker Barrel and Besse’s on Clear Lake.

*** The Wisconsin ATV/UTV Association has two different "Call To Actions" that they are seeking your help with.

This first topic we're asking your help with is in Langlade County, the second is further north up in Iron County. This "First Call to Action" is in Langlade County, pertaining to one of the longest term projects our ATV UTV community has ever been involved in.

Numerous clubs, ATV - UTV, and snowmobile have been engaged in trying to SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY connect the Wolf River State Trail at White Lake with the Nicolet State Trail in Langlade County.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, our effort to connect these two systems has been through numerous options and different directions, all ending up without success.

Fast forwarding to the past six years or so, the Hidden Bear Trail, Red Arrow Club, and the White Lake Club have been working to get things in place to cross the Wolf River on Highway 64 proposing a new recreational bridge. The Langlade County Snowmobile Council has also joined in to support this rec bridge but to get to the bridge requires a DNR property master plan change for 1/4 mile <.25 mile> of access to get to the proposed rec bridge. The request to amend the DNR master plan for that small segment of access on state property has now gotten the opposition all worked up. This is why we need your help.

The problem is, the roadway bridge is old, as such it's very narrow. In our opinion, the best solution for ATV, UTV, snowmobiles, and other outdoor recreationists, is a recreational bridge built alongside the roadway bridge. Yes, the non-motorized folks in opposition could also walk and bike across the rec bridge too. See our WATVA Facebook page for a picture of a 
rec bridge that would be similar.

So what's the real problem you may be thinking? In some other outdoor user camps <non-motorized>, there is an opposition that the recreational bridge crossing would somehow be environmentally detrimental to the Wolf River water quality and the surrounding area. This is not the case.

These other groups have literally flooded the DNR surveys in opposition to this recreational bridge, even though the final decision isn't always about which group has the most input, it's also about quality and common sense. That said, we still need to impress decision makers that our ATV UTV Snowmobile motorized family is sizable and supportive of the request to amend the master plan to get the .25 miles of trail that leads to the bridge on one side of the river.

This kind of opposition and negative opinion is not necessarily new to our WATVA team and the local clubs, but this is why we need your help, this CALL TO ACTION!

There are two very important ways to help:

1) Take a VERY short 
online survey / make professional comments. This survey is running through July 10th, 2018. It's quick, it's fairly easy so let's not be outdone by those who don't understand how much fun our family sport is! Remember, be polite, professional but firm in your statements, even though the others against this change in the master plan may write otherwise. Yes, we're better than that......

You can make those comments and give your input online at:

You can make comments as a snowmobiler and/or ATV/UTV rider in support of the master plan amendment but if you also enjoy any silent sports too <as many of us do> we suggest you comment about how user groups should work together to move this process forward.

2) Besides and in addition to your input via the survey regarding the master plan amendment for the very small section of access to the proposed rec bridge, please try to join us on June 20th at the Antigo Fairgrounds located a couple of blocks from Hwy 64, the address is 1633 Neva Road, Antigo, 54409.

Feel free to proudly wear your ATV/UTV and club gear. The open house is a "come and go" type meeting, starting at 4:00 PM, open until 6:00 PM. You can also write an opinion or voice it there as well.

Let's show our strength in numbers, our community involvement plus our ability to be the group of reasonable requests!!!

This is the second "Call To Action" we are sending out this week where we are asking your help. This time the "Call To Action" is for the Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area master plan amendment.

This master plan amendment proposes three items: 
* The DNR is proposing to designate approximately 0.5-mile ATV/UTV route and trail on an existing department forest logging road at the far northern edge of the property. This short connection on department property, less than a half mile in length, would create linkages in larger regional trail networks.
* Update the land management classifications and associated map to bring them into compliance with the master planning code. 
* Establish a 27-acre Recreation Management Area (Type 3) where the ATV/UTV route and trail would be located.
We need you to respond positively to the proposed amendments by giving your input.
It will come as no surprise that this request to amend the DNR master plan for that small segment of access on state property has created quite a stir and has gotten the opposition mobilized to defeat this amendment.
Let's not have that happen!

The clubs in that area need your support and this is the time to do it.

2018 Monthly Meetings dates and time have been posted in the Calendar section!

 *** Events:

Events: Bob Henderson is getting a ride together in the Mercer area for Sept 19th and 20th. We’ll be trailering up and staying one or two nights at the Great Northern. Everyone is welcome, tell them you’re with the Henderson Party.

The Garage, formerly Wild North Saloon Customer Appreciation Party, August 25th.

Club party September 8th